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When the Rock Starts to Crumble...

When clients show up to work with me, many times they are at their last resort.

They feel like it is monumental to even reach out, let alone think that things could change for them.

They are hoping and praying that working with me will be different from all the other choices they have made so far that, at best, didn’t change anything and, at worst, created more unease, pressure, pain, & anxiety etc.

Recently, I had a client show up who had lost their direction, lost their sense of self, and meaningful connection with others. Their life was a spinning out of control and their body was waging war against them with pain, disfunction and more.

What happens when you are used to being the rock for everyone else and yet the rock starts to crumble?

They knew they were the rock for others and felt useful, but somehow that made them feel used and like they didn’t really matter in themselves anymore. They had lost all sense of themselves and how to continue to function with fulfillment in day to day life.

It is hard to reach out for help when you know that there is a mountain and a half to move and you don’t have the energy or emotion to move it. Many people think that it is useless to even ask. Yet, so many of my clients are everyone else’s go to. If they crumble, so does their business, their family etc.

Here is the thing: Reaching out is key.

Their desire is to feel better, have more clarity, be pain free, to be productive and get connected with their family, friends and colleagues again. No small task right?! It may even sound like too much of an ask. Most people would even say, just tackle one of those at a time.

But the way that I work is we go straight to the center

where everything radiates from.

We go straight to the core of their essential being and unravel the ease, clarity and creativity there. When we go to the core it affects everything else, even areas that they had not identified that needed attention.

I break it down so that each step feels possible, nurturing and fulfilling rather than another chore because they cannot handle one more duty or something else that feels like they are failing.

I show them the steps, the questions, the acknowledgments, the way to ‘see’ different that changes everything.

I break it down so that there is momentum and tangible change.

We acknowledge the changes and they multiply. Yes, multiplication is key. Even though, I am all about one choice at a time, I show how to make that choice in such a way that it has 360 degree spherical, INCREDIBLE results and impact. I show that when you focus on the center - EVERYTHING around you begins to light up and change: Multiplication in effect.

So, when they begin emailing me with awe inspiring stories...

about what is happening around them, I smile and I remind them that it is because of their choices.

It seems like a monumental task to change a default pattern from years of training (school, parenting, friends, marketing) but when we go to the core of how that person functions naturally, it is more of an experiential revelation rather than a learning and it just unfolds and blossoms. So instead of it being a monumental task, the results become monumental.

Together we unlock the new default pattern that starts off conscious and then moves into the unconscious patterns. They are new patterns that are based on that person’s essential being and natural creation style and they happen like breathing; habitual, unconscious, but life affirming, life sustaining, vibrant and expansive.

Are you ready for change that is not another burden, responsibility or weight? Are you ready for an unfolding of possibilities that actual leave you feeling lighter, more fulfilled and like living is finally worth it? Feel free to reach out for a 15 minute complimentary consultation. - put in subject line: 15 min Consultation

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