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Staying in bed

I have taken to staying in bed after my alarm goes off. I do it with intention. Before I ever set my feet on the ground for the day I find that staying in bed a bit longer affects everything.

I used to want to stay in bed longer because I was avoiding my life, my job and many things that I didn't desire. It took making 'grand canyon sized leap-of-faiths' to change that. I leaped from working a solid, well paying, insurance providing, vacation weeks included job to being the navigator of my own dreams, without all those so-called securities.

So, now the extra few minutes in my bed in the morning bring me a new kind of security.

So, what is so special about staying in bed?! The moment I wake up, I move into gratitude and I actually lay there and breathe into my body slowly. As I breathe, I give thanks for every cell in my body and how it has supported me. Then I envision it being vibrant and whole and filled with vitality.

So, as I breathe through my body I am giving gratitude, envisioning vibrancy and inviting all the areas of me that are in resistance to come on a ride with me through my day.

Yes, I am not asking anything to leave. I am inviting everything to move into my day and see what is truly possible...this includes my mind.

My mind tends to be the one that has the most resistance. The thing I know is that the resistance is there to keep me whole and safe, but it is doing so on an outdated set of rules. Each day brings NEW rules, NEW possibilities and so I invite my mind on a wild ride.

So, as I lay there I also begin my asks. Many of them seem impossible to me, so I ask my body & energy to connect with the entire Universe and together to magnetize them in. "Ask and you shall receive." I will add.....Ask and you shall receive IF you allow it in.

We are invited to be the one that opens the door to the possibilities that have been knocking.

Why do I say magnetize? I know that I am one side of the magnet and what I am asking for is the other side. It is also seeking me. So, if I am asking for wellness, more clients, more adventures, deeper love - whatever it is - it is also seeking me. Imagine two sides of a magnet, they pull each other, thereby decreasing the effort and time of waiting.

Then, I move into a space of acknowledgment for where I am today:

-the choices that got me here

-the moments that were a surprise and delight - beyond what I asked for or chose

-the perception I have of what is possible in the future

-the desire to actively create what I know is possible

-the people and energies of expansiveness that I am surrounded by

-the invitations that have shown up for me to have more, be more and create more...(sometimes these invitations show up as pain, worry, doubt etc)

And, truth be told, normally I am pulled out of bed by one of my sons before I get to the last part. (Yes, they are up and out of bed before me. They pride themselves in setting their own alarms and getting ready before me!) So the last part is to give thanks that all I asked for is done. If I am aware of it, it has been whispered to me by the Universe as a probability waiting to be had. So I give praise and ask to walk forward with the eyes to see, the ears to hear and the heart to know when it is showing up - cause it tends to show up different than I expect!

How much fun can you have staying in bed a little longer everyday knowing that you are being the magnificent creator of your days that are about to blossom because you asked and allowed them into being?

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