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A letter to a friend...

Below is a letter I wrote to a friend and she prompted me to share it with all of you. I hope this is an invitation for deeper understanding of yourself.


The Letter:

Problems are always invitations to more. I know this and yet I have given in to a few of them lately and crouched under the weight of them.

Instead I have begun talking to them.

Pain, unease and discomfort in my body....what are you inviting me to? What blessings would you like to gift to me if I would stop trying to fix you and stop begrudging you and being angered and saddened by you? What if I danced and thanked you for the pain that kept me up at night and delighted that soon you will reveal to me the multitude of blessings that you are and how you are guiding me to the life that I desire not away from it.

Reclusiveness and obstinance - oh how I chide myself for constantly rebelling and being obstinate about so many things from words that drive me crazy to going all into a group and then suddenly wanting nothing to do with it because it started to eclipse me. I actually know that these energies are gifts to me and provide the difference that can lead me and many others out of the fog, so WWIT to stop fighting it and embrace my rebel, pain in the ass, push against anyone and everyone attitude in order to shake things up energy?

Fear and vulnerability - what would it take to stop hating myself for the ways I hate myself and despise my insecurities. WWIT to be okay that it is a space of expansion to go from security and open vulnerability to then a space of insecurity and shy vulnerability - wwit not to pretend that it is this whole contraction/expansion thet everyone talks about BS. I actually believe I am in a constant state of expansion.... actually I don't believe it at all - my brain is not on board, but my spirit knows it. The 'illusion of contraction' is the moment we become aware of what else is possible beyond where we are now. We are not actually contracted at all.

I am willing to ask to be surrounded by people who are really willing to live from the space of magical possibility. Thank you for being one, kick ass, incredible being that exemplifies that!

What is your body and life inviting you to?

Forget about lessons. Our life will always deliver invitations to more for our life and they will not stop. How cool is that?! Once we move out of the wrongness of having something show up in our life that invites us to more, the more pleasurable and ease filled our lives become. If you would like any help being guided on this journey please feel free to set up a complimentary 30 minute conversation with me. It is located on my services page.

Steps to receiving your invitation:

1. Ask questions. Do this from the point of view that you are asking the Universe and Your Body's Wisdom.

2. Wait. Not all answers come right away.

3. Allow your life to be an unfolding of gorgeous gifts that come in all ways. True allowance is the suspension of judgment or movement into what is right or wrong or good or bad.

4. Celebrate yourself as a beautiful creator.

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