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When you don't want to live anymore

Just because it looks like you have everything going for you and if you were asked to write a gratitude list, you know that you could fill up pages, does not mean that you escape the moments where you would rather not be alive. Those moments may even bleed into hours and maybe ooze into days where the desire to escape this reality seems like the only desire you truly have.

You may even be wondering how it is possible to have so much to be thankful for and yet to feel like you have nothing to live for. There are those that share: where gratitude is fear cannot be, nor doubt or limitation. True as that is, the space of gratitude does not always bear the birthplace for future hope, nor the space of belonging.

Our bodies are this incredible, connected space of energy and consciousness. To me it is really a network of pulses and messages that is interconnected with all that is. It is no wonder that at times the wires get crossed, overloaded or even shut down for a while. It is also no wonder that so many are having a sense of hopelessness and desiring to opt out of a network that is on overload, over-pained, over medicated and so stuffed down that volcanic intensities are read to explode at any moment. So, even those who are living a conscious, aware, open life are affected by the overwhelm that is in the entire network.

Gosh, for a moment it seems truly hopeless. If a person is taking responsibility for their own life and choices and they are STILL being taken down with depression and the lack of desire to remain in this reality because they are connected to the whole and the whole is taking them down - what is the point?! Where is the hope? Where is the freedom?

Here are some key points and a place of real hope to not just survive,

but to vibrantly live:

1. Acknowledge that you ARE, in fact, connected and not alone (whether you like it or not) The mere act of truly acknowledging that you are energetically, cellularly and emotioanally connected to all that is, changes everything. Acknowledging that your existence matters and pulses with others makes a difference.

2. Ask questions. Is this mine: this meaning: this thought, this emotion, this energy, this awareness. If it is not, you can allow it to flow out of you and if it does not you can ask: 'Is there a message here that I can contribute or act upon that will change things?'

One great way to allow things to flow from you, whether it is yours or not, is to stand up tall with arms stretched up and wide - much like the letter Y. While you are here feel your energy move through your whole body and beyond it and ask it to expand wider and as wide as it possibly would like to go. You may expand to and beyond this universe.

3. Allow. The space of allowance is one of the greatest gifts ever. Have you ever been with someone and you totally did something wrong and they looked at you without judgement or reproach and gazed upon you with an openness of - allowance- ? What did that do for you in that moment. There is a difference between allowance and approval. It is not that they approved of your decision, it is that they had allowance for you to choose and to falter and to choose anew. That space is expansive. Are you wiling to be that space for your body, the universe and all that is going on in it right now. Moving to the conclusion that we are all in a space of hell on earth does not allow for something new to appear.

4. Ask with the vulnerability and anticipation of receiving something greater. Yes, I said vulnerability because the very act of asking opens you up to approval, rejection, acceptance, receiving etc and ALL, not just some of them, make you vulnerable. The very act of vulnerability is the birthplace of where transformation rather than conformity and contraction can happen. Are you willing to truly ask for something better and be in the space that you will receive it.

I like to say, we came here not to conform, but to transform this reality.

So, if you feel like you don't belong, you probably aren't the only one.

Start leading the way so that others can join you or find your tribe.

5. Acknowledge your energy, your potency. Get intimate with who you are. When we are always looking for others to validate us, it will never fill us. When we are willing to acknowledge that our essence matters to ourselves and to the universal whole, any further acknowledgements are icing on the cake or an extra helping of brussels (hehe I love me some sprouts). Truly connecting to how your vibration connects, enhances and expands the joy, softness and lusciousness of life makes life worth living.

You can have lists of people, places, things and experiences that you are grateful for, but if you don't realize that you matter and that your very existence brings life to the world, life can be flat or listless.

Tap in, turn it up and tease your way into the life of explosive being-ness.

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