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The Art of Being
your guide to accessing your maximum potential

Tara McCallam Presents:
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Learn how to navigate emotions instead of being controlled by them

You will learn how to have a life where you are truly happy and fulfilled


You will stop the experience where others are against you or draining you and start have relationships where you feel taken care of too.

Learn how to co-create with the universe in ways that are very real.


If you are looking for guidance on your way forward, that actually makes sense, and you can get behind, reach out for a session with Tara.  She is tapped into your gateways to the future and ways to get there while honoring who you are at your core. 

Tara offers a unique approach to self-discovery and transformation that sets her apart from traditional methods that people use in hopes of changing their life.


  • How long are sessions?
    Adults: 45-60 minutes; Teens: 30-40 minutes.
  • Are sessions recorded?
    Yes, with permission.
  • Who has access to the recorded sessions?
    The client and Tara.
  • If my teen/20 something works with you, will I get progress reports?
    Yes, anytime a minor (anyone that is paid for by their parents) works with me, I share progress reports through a free app called Voxer. There are elements that remain confidential for the mental well being for the teen/young adult. But this provides greater support for parents and kids all around.
  • Can this be covered by insurance and is Tara a licensed therapist?
    Regrettably, the answer to both inquiries is no, but for compelling reasons. Numerous licensed professional counselors are transitioning to roles as coaches and facilitators, as they believe these positions offer more freedom to utilize tools that can significantly benefit their clients. Engaging in sessions with Tara equips clients with embodiment tools that alter their life experiences, not just their thought processes. Typically, the number of sessions required with Tara is significantly fewer than those needed in traditional therapy.
  • Can I try this out to see if this will work for me?
    Yes, set up a complimentary connection call by going to If you are bringing your 15-26 year old to this work, they will also need to sign up for a complimentary connection call. I would like to meet with you both before we start working together.


Here’s to the crazy ones - the sensitives, emotionals, rebels, misfits, the round pegs in the square holes... the ones who see things differently. They're the ones who are done with fitting in or being like everyone else; they will no longer stay in the shadows or quietly share their message because THEY ARE HERE TO CHANGE THINGS.

Embody the Art of Being and share it with the world. Start your career in facilitation - no prior training needed - No preqreqresits, the only requirement to take this course is to posess the desire and capacity to make a difference.

Brave, it is what I wish for you!

This song says so much.  It is hard to know who we are in a world that is constantly telling us who to be, what to think and what to want, but isn't it time to be brave enough to know who you are and be it?

I don't own the rights to this song.  I am merely sharing it because it is powerful and may inspire you to be brave. 

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