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Tara McCallam is the founder and creator of The Academy of Being, The Art of Being Certification and The Muse Method.  She is an educator and Personal Development Facilitator using the tools of The Art of Being.

The Academy of Being is a digital platform dedicated to helping individuals discover their purpose, talents, and the ability to leverage these in both personal and professional relationships.

Tara, the founder of the Academy, is a mother to two teenage boys and a Yellow Lab named Lucca. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Art with a minor in Sociology from ISU, and has earned several coaching certifications. Now, she certifies facilitators in the Art of Being.

The creation of this online academy and the unique Art of Being Certification was greatly influenced by Tara's years of client work. She realized that she could offer more than just problem-solving, trauma release, and mindset shifts. Her clients' experiences and their willingness to try new processes led to transformative changes that went beyond traditional methods.

From these tangible results, Tara developed a year-long certification program to teach individuals worldwide how to use these transformative techniques. At the heart of this program is The Muse Method, a revolutionary approach designed to foster a deeper connection with the Self.

Tara has been described by many clients as 'sunshine', but she believes that she is merely the vessel that brings the sun, warmth and shine out of the client and so they finally feel what it is to be it and to create their lives from that natural place of being.  

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Tara's Story

The Art of Being is deeply rooted in Tara's personal journey. From a challenging childhood with an alcoholic mother who lost custody of her at age 4, to gaining emancipation from her father and stepmother at 15, Tara's resilience has been tested time and again. She navigated her way to college without parental guidance, moved to England at 24, and even survived a near-death experience during the birth of her first son. Yet, through every hardship, Tara discovered her strength and capabilities, proving that every story of trauma also has its heroes and moments of growth.

Many believe that "everything happens for a reason", but Tara finds this perspective limiting and sometimes hurtful. Instead, she advocates for the idea that we are co-creators of our lives. It's crucial to understand who and what we are creating with, and to shift our relationships towards co-creation. Tara learned the hard way that trying to create alone leads to exhaustion and resentment. Building self-trust is vital for confidence, but it's the relationships built on co-creation that make life meaningful and miraculous.  

Instead of the quoted statement above, Tara teaches that "everything can be USED with reason". The reality is that unfortunate events can occur that we didn't cause, but that we can grow from. The goal is to become a conscious co-creator, using everything that comes your way and becoming dynamically aware to minimize accidents.

Tara believes that the deep and meaningful work that opens up your life to the success you desire does not have to be tough, long winded or exhausting.  In fact, she knows it can be faster than expected, joy filled and light hearted.  The reality is that it is based on you and is as natural as breathing.

Tara's experiences have equipped her with the tools to help you gain confidence in navigating life in a fulfilling, joyful, and successful way. Self-judgment, panic attacks, self-sabotage, and a lack of purpose or motivation will dissolve as you discover personal awareness and natural flow.

Whether you're a high school student dealing with pressures, a college student seeking the right path, or an adult ready to transform your life and relationships, Tara can guide you towards self-discovery, purpose, and momentum. Working with her not only brings life to a new level of vibrancy, but can also offer the opportunity to become a certified Art of Being Facilitator.

Tara's mission is to teach others that all emotions can serve as an internal guidance system. Even feelings of lack can inspire greatness when harnessed correctly. While the traumas in your life shouldn't have happened, Tara believes that they can be used to create a better life if you know how. Nothing is unusable if you're willing to tap into your power within! 

To start your journey with Tara, sign up for a Complimentary Connection Call using the link below!


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