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Here’s to the crazy ones - the sensitives, emotionals, rebels, misfits, the round pegs in the square holes... the ones who see things differently. They're the ones who are done with fitting in or being like everyone else; they will no longer stay in the shadows or quietly share their message because

they are here to change things.





The Study of the Power Within

Unlock Your Potential, Transform Lives, and Create Abundance.

Become an Art of Being Facilitator in only 12-months through the Academy of Being fully comprehensive certification program. Gain the tools, strategies and techniques to facilitate the transformation of any life into greater purpose, passion, connection and freedom.

Presented by Tara McCallam,
ICF Certified Coach, Facilitator, and Educator in the Art of Being

With a passion for helping people function authentically in a world that often prescribes the "right way" to be, she has dedicated herself to guiding people towards wholeness, vitality, and purpose. Tara's expertise lies in unlocking the parts of individuals that may have been forgotten or lost, allowing them to create success in alignment with their natural selves. Through her work, Tara has witnessed profound transformations in people's lives and now seeks to expand her impact by inviting others to become Art of Being Facilitators.

This is for you if...

you want to make a life-changing difference in the world and in people's lives

you are tired of seeing people cope with their problems instead of creating a powerful way through and out of them

you are ready to embark on an adventure of personal growth and development beyond your expectations

you have dabbled in certifications and now it is time to go deep and embody the tools and gain the support that you truly need to create a viable, confident business

you want access to an unlimited source of income

you truly desire to go deep and find the “real you” and discover who you were meant to be and help others do the same

you want to feel like you are living out your purpose and being rewarded for your skills, knowledge and the difference you make

you are looking to be your own boss, have the flexibility you need working anywhere with your own hours and need a community of support and resources

Course Benefits

Transforming Lives

Gain powerful tools, strategies, and techniques to facilitate ongoing transformative experiences for your clients. Help them unlock their potential, find wholeness, and create momentum in all aspects of their lives.

Personal Growth + Development

Embark on a journey of personal growth and self-discovery. Learn how to facilitate for others' expansion while also deepening your understanding of yourself, uncovering the "real you" and aligning with your Muse.

Business Support + Resources

Receive business support and access resources to help you establish and grow your facilitation practice. Learn how to generate revenue, attract clients, and create a solid foundation for your business success.

Community + Networking

Meet a community of like-minded people and connect through calls, practice sessions, and active online groups to share insights and access ongoing support, expanding your professional network and fostering growth.

Course Features

Virtual Learning Experience

Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of a fully virtual learning experience. Access all recorded lessons and course materials through a dedicated online portal, allowing you to learn from the comfort of your own space.

Live Interactive Support

Engage in live support sessions through Zoom, including practice calls with Tara and POD support group calls. These interactive sessions provide opportunities for guidance, clarification, and a deeper integration of tools and techniques.

Integration and Alternative

Offers an alternative path to traditional education and careers with a shorter timeframe and lower cost than most business' or schools available and invites already established social workers to integrate this new modality into their current work.


As certified facilitators, we are committed to guiding others with authenticity, receptiveness, and integrity, providing a safe and supportive space for growth and self-discovery. Through our facilitation, we strive to inspire individuals to embrace their unique gifts, cultivate deep connections with themselves and others, reduce suffering with ease, function in a way that works effectively and uniquely for each individual, and increase the desire to live in the peace and power of wholeness.
Through embodying the tools and techniques learned in this course, you will make a profound difference in your own life as well as the lives of your clients, and you WILL create a dynamic difference in this world.

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Building the bridge between therapy and life-coaching through the study of human potential.




- focuses on changing certain thoughts, emotions, thoughts, and behaviors

- a slow, painful approach where you're constantly coughing up the crap

- emphasizes coping with trauma instead of moving out of it completely

- dissects and analyzes problems, people often feel overheard but see minimal actual change


Spaces are limited.

Start your journey today.

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