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Black Dog

Memorial Art 

by Tara McCallam

Capturing the essence and energy of your beloved pet.

Below are a few of the examples created to honor someone's pet.  Each painting is directed by the energy of the pet.   Please honor these pieces as the expressly created art for that individual.  They are not for sale, they are an example of what is created when I tap into the spirit of your animal.  As an intuitive I am able to connect to their energy and capture it on the canvas.  They are custom paintings where the color, style, and each and every brushstroke is representative of the personality, emotion and message your pet desires to share with you from the other side. 


Please fill out a contact form to request a Memorial Portrait of your beloved pet.  

Prices start at $250 for an 11x14 inch painting and can go up to $1500 for a  3x4 foot painting. 

The Duo
German Shepherd
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