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transform your relationships

with Tara McCallam

Do you wonder who you are anymore?

Have you lost the zest for life that you used to have?

Have you lost of the vision for your relationship, kids and even yourself?

Are you feeling suffocated by  so many responsibilities, without a minute to breathe?

Do you find that your thoughts are filled with worries and fears rather than joys or dreams?

Are you mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted?

Do you feel like you have tried everything to do right and be happy but somehow it just doesn't seem to stick?


Do you feel like you can't say no to anyone and it is leaving you overwhelmed?

Do you feel shamed, blamed and judged by yourself and others on a daily basis?


Beautiful Change is Possible!

Are you ready to feel energized again?

Are you ready to live out your dreams and MORE?

When someone asks how you are, are you ready to respond with a beaming smile and mind racing to see which great moment or memory you get to share first?

Are you ready to inspire yourself again?

Are you ready to let go of the trying and be the greatness that is in you that shape shifts the reality around you into one that you love living?

Are you ready for your mind to be filled with possibilities, memories and plans that light you up? 

Are you ready to pull the power from all the problems and be the master of your own destiny?

Are you ready to own your style of brilliance, creativity, relationship to feel truly meaningfully connected to the world and your own pod of people?

I have 'THE HOW' for you.  

I have practical ways back to the energized, dreaming, scheming, joy-filled version of you that you've been longing to be again...or for the very first time.  

Either way, I am ready to rock your world because 




& Prosperity

are just the beginning of what is possible for you when we work together.  

That division between you and your spouse...that is changing.  Frustration and resentment will be replaced by appreciation and support (and so much more!)

That bewilderment and overwhelm with your kids will be replaced with empowerment and joy.  

The inability to have your own back will be replaced by dynamic choice, freedom and the ability to create a support system that reflects your values.


Now is the time to claim your space, your relationships, your joy and your prosperity again!!!

Schedule a complimentary Breakthrough Session to find out your next pivotal step to up level your relationship with your partner, yourself or your teen.

Every plan is as unique as your relationship! 

The Testimonies!


Leilani Weaver

Radiant Woman, Mom & Wellness Advocate at

It is Well With My Soul

2019 Soul Truth Retreat & Intuitive Body Process Client:

I had the honor of experiencing an Intuitive Body Process Session with Tara this week.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but I knew if it was something she offered, I would want to partake.  (I've attended one of Tara's retreats and known her for a while now and she just emits love and light and soul truth.)  


During the session, Tara helped me move energy in a way I have never realized was possible.  

I feel light.  I'm full of gratitude and excitement and for the first time in ages, I slept soundly through the night!


...sufficient words fail me here, but if you haven't experienced Tara or her sessions, you are truly missing out!


Misty Hudek Giordano

Radiant Woman, Author & Owner of Love Your Life with Misty

2019 Soul Truth Retreat 

& Intuitive Body Process Client:


One thing you should know about Tara is you'll feel your world start to shift in really profound and amazing ways just by meeting her and being in her presence. She has that kind of gift and makes you want to be around her all the time. Every time I was going through something deep and dark in my life, I went to Tara for a session. I come to her as a mess, and I leave lighter. Nothing in my outer world shifted, but my perspective on what was going on completely took on new light and I was always able to see things in a different state than what I did before seeing or talking with her. She has the most gentle, yet potent way of knowing exactly how what you're going through is affecting you and allowing you the choice to choose differently and see things through a different lens. It's thanks to her that I'm able to pass along her wisdom as a conduit because she has helped me transform my world so beautifully. I think the most profound experience I receive from working with her isn't necessarily from the session itself, but in the days following. How I respond to things is different, how I feel is different - all for the better. I truly have so much gratitude for the beautiful soul that is Tara and recommend her often. 

Erin's Picture.png

Erin Millington 

Radiant Woman, Mom & Owner at 

Millington Insurance

Intuitive Body Process Client:

I just love how intuitive Tara is and I admire her courage to break free from other’s ideas on what to conform to. Tara has the ability to disrupt energy and help people find their own self truths.


Honestly, I think Tara has the ability to understand her clients more than they even understand themselves. She is truly a remarkable woman and her energy work is life changing.

Tara showed me how to open myself up to my ideal clients instead of holding onto people who went out of their way to make me feel worthless ❤️ and now I am adding my biggest corporate client ever that will be a game changer for my business! My business is growing so fast that I can barely keep up! 

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