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Self Guided Courses

7 Day self guided retreat

In this course you will be able to take daily retreats from life in order to come back to the space of you and feel replenished. It will be a like a mini-me vacation!


What are you longing for?

  • More freedom? 

  • A deeper sense of meaning? 

  • A moment of peace? 

  • To be able to breathe? 

  • Clarity?

  • Time to think and choose from a space of awareness? 

  • To feel like you again? 

  • Ease?

  • To release the weight from your shoulders and body? 

  • And what about some overflowing joy and laughter? 

----inside this 7 day Self-Guided Retreat is the gateway to all of that.

Emotional Empowerment Course

Are you looking for a deeper place of fulfillment and self-actualization?  

Are you DONE feeling like you too sensitive, emotional and bogged down by so much?

Would you like know HOW to pull the POWER from your emotions, pain and every experience in life?


Isn't it time that you were taught how to multiply the good inside you and your life, so that the joy overflows rather than the burdens?


This is the beginning of discovering how energy, body awareness, giving, receiving and nurturing can truly be transformational.

kim p.jpg

Kim Pinnelli, Mom & Ghost Writer 

The 7-Day Self-Guided Retreat was just what my mind, body, and soul needed. It wasn’t hard to fit in the few minutes each day that it took, but the benefits carried me throughout my entire day. Tara lovingly walks you through each step, guiding you to dig deep into finding the true you. I always felt empowered and even excited at what lie ahead after listening to her powerful messages. It helped me learn the true meaning of self-care. I stopped feeling guilty about taking care of me because it helped me show up for not only myself, but my loved ones too. We’ve all been able to reach a higher vibrational level as a result, even though I’m the one taking the course. I can’t recommend this course enough!​

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