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Acknowledging You

Choice 1 - Monthly Membership to Private Facebook Group

What is included:

**3-4 Daily 15 minute Live Calls per week 


This is really for people who are ready to say that they matter.  They are ready to acknowledge their own worth and begin building a life that includes them.  You are not ready for private or group coaching yet, but you know things have to change now, you can't wait another day without creating the life they know is possible.    

This is worth well over $500 since an hour of coaching with me is a minimum of $150 currently and their is content of over 4 hours of coaching per month added! 

You will also be in a community of women who are choosing to say they matter.   

Investment in Turning You and Your Joy Up:

$47 a month -  if you decide to choose 1 month at a time.

or $37 if you would like to sign up for a monthly subscription so that you don't miss out on anything!!! 

<----- This paypal button is for those who would like to subscribe for automatic payments monthly $37 is your special price when you enroll for all this monthly! 

<----- This paypal button is for those who would like to try this out for only 1 month $47 is the  price 

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