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The Art oBeing 
Private Sessions

Something deep within is calling to you.


It is ALL THE PARTS OF YOURSELF that feel trapped beneath the dirt and heaviness of life.

It is the parts of you that are aching to be free.  

They want to finally BLOSSOM from the dirt and truly live, without apology; without guilt.

Are you ready to live a life rich with possibilities; one that will transform problems into power with total ease?

The Art of Being in Today's World

This is for you if:

You are REALLY ready for CHANGE. It is for those that who don't want to waste another day feeling less than, heavy, or troubled when there is a possibility to live fully, richly and meaningfully.


Life just isn't working for you lately, no matter how hard you try, it feels like it just gets harder and more of a struggle. You might even be wondering why you are here. 

You are ready to experience a different life, one that aligns with you rather than you struggling to fit in with it.  You are ready for relief from the weight of expectations and to feel free to enjoy.

This is also for you if you are tired of suffering from the same pain that you thought you cleared before!  If you're ready to start ACTUALIZING your longings, visions and life experience! (and if you don't know what you are longing for, it's time to free your Muse!)

You are sick and tired of feeling wrong, judged and small and you are ready to rise all that is right about you and find out how to use that to create a life worth enjoying. 

And YES this method is also for TEENS who are struggling to exist right now.


You are done merely coping and are ready to create a life worth living!

You are tired of constantly fixing the problems and never actually moving into a new experience and greater reality...of being truly, deep down fulfilled.

art sunflower.jpg

Learn to live your life in a way that possibilities emerge in the spaces where your problems once lived...where radiant fullness overflows where emptiness had settled.



A Hands On Method used within the Art of Being Sessions



What is the Muse Method?

  • It is a powerful energetic process that unearths the fullness of the Self that has been hidden or locked away.  

  • By focusing on the power, possibilitiesbrilliance and treasure and allowing that to be unearthed and revealed, greater change occurs within and around the client.  

  • Most energetic sessions focus on clearing the problems, whereas the Muse Method lasers in on unearthing the parts of YOU that have been hidden, even from you, so that you can be whole and free. Leave 'trying' behind and embrace BEING.  You will begin to function from the brilliance of who you are rather than trying to be the things you are not.  This is life changing.

  • You will come away realizing you have LESS problems, LESS things to fix and MORE possibilities and capacities than you ever realized.

  • It is done virtually via zoom and recorded by request.



the urgency for The Muse to emerge 

During the session the client will:

  • Close their eyes in order to activate their inner vision to seek the wisdom of the Self.

  • Use their breath to align with their own natural rhythm and vibration

  • Use their hands to connect to the wisdom within the cells of the body. Touch creates depth of connection and allows the hidden and locked up parts of the Self to know it is safe to show up to be seen and heard. 

  • Be part of the unearthing and setting free, by having the freedom to talk, emote or sink into silence. 

During the session the The Art of Being Facilitator will:

  • Also close their eyes in order to connect with the inner vision of the client.  This also removes all distraction and outward cues that can be misleading.

  • Also use their breath to align with the clients natural rhythm and vibration. 

  • Also use their hands to connect, so that sensations and feelings emerge that indicate where parts of the clients Self are hiding and beckoning to be found and released.  The hands also provide a grounding connection to the deeper, knowing Self within the practitioner that allows them to be a vessel of greater clarity and wisdom. 

  • Be the seeker of the treasures within, avoiding the distractions of the dirt surrounding them.  For it is the treasures, the parts of the self that have been locked away, when they are set free that will transform the dirt....or evaporate it completely. 

  • Share visions, sensations, feelings and questions that arrive to them.  

Glowing golden sparkles and stars rising

Contact Tara directly to set up your Art of Being Session
I would highly encourage you to take advantage of a complimentary Connection Call first! 

Set up my Art of Being Session

Tara will contact you to set up a time for your session.


For Adults
Art of Being Session
for adults

1 x 45 min session

One payment of


Or contact Tara Directly to schedule payments and sessions at

For the 13-29 year olds
Art of Being Session
for teens or 20-29 year olds

1 x 30 min session

One payment of


Or contact Tara Directly to schedule payments and sessions at

Parent Testimonial


From a parent of a teen who went from being bullied, refusing to go to school and taking suicidal actions to one who feels like her dreams are coming true.

I wanted to share this because you played a HUGE roll in the transformation in my family....


She tried out for high school dance this week. She has made it her mission to take school serious, ask for help, and hell just go to school every day. She has pushed through so many obstacles this year, all driven by the fact that she had a dream to be on the HS dance team.


She got the results today and found out she made VARSITY. She said “mom all my dreams are coming true.”


I cried.


Honestly, two years ago I did not think we would make it out alive or enrolled in school and yet she continues to amaze me. I know it is because of the ways you helped us both listen to our bodies and hearts. I know it is because of the way you’ve helped me learn to let the kids lead and be there to listen and ask questions not force or tell.


I am so freaking grateful that she will finally have a fresh start with an amazing outlook and that she is able to see that she can do hard things even when she feels like she can’t.


I prayed so hard for this not because I care about her being on a school team but because I know it will help her confidence, drive to try in school, and to form the bonds she so desperately seeks.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the driving force behind saving my family.

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