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Revolutionize YOUR 2022

What is Included:

  • One 1.5 hour group call per month
  • Private FB group for continued inspiration, support and access to past recorded classes
  • Monthly Group Muse Method Sessions done in group call
  • Weekly Journal/*Internal Dialogue Prompts

Important Details:

  • When: Either the 1st Thursday of each month at 11:30am CST  from Feb 3rd to Jan 5th 2023
  • OR the 1st Saturday of the month at 9am CST 2/5-1/7
  • Where: On Zoom
  • Investment: $75 per month if paying monthly or $60 p/m if paid in one annual payment of $720 (savings of $180)

Where are My Muse Clients Across the World?

I wonder if you will add a whole new area of wholeness and Muse Whispering to the world?!









New Jersey




South Carolina

New York


North Carolina


*What is an 'internal dialogue prompt'?

Some people aren't journal'ers.  To be honest, I am not.  So, the same prompts that I give to those who will sit down and journal, others can use to have an internal dialogue throughout the day.  This way you bring the questions with you and chew on them throughout the day, while also asking them out loud at some point to invite in your Muse, your body and the Universe to communicate back to you.

Why choose THIS investment in you ?

  • You really know that 2022 can be a year of powerful growth and expression 
  • You know that you need the support and inspiration 
  • You need more of YOU in your life / You have felt crowded out by everyone else's needs and it is hard to even know what your needs and desires are
  • You want to be part of a group of women that live by the power of their energy
  • You want to see results, change and real power that blesses you and pours out on others

Monthly Payments:

  • Monthly payments starting when you pay and ending Jan 2023
  • $75 for 11 months 

Annual Payment:

  • Save $180
  • Monthly it is $60 when you pay altogether for the 11 remaining months (March -Jan)  $660 total
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