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The Legacy Retreat

Discover your

Mission-Driven Blueprint

What would happen if you could leave all of your responsibilities, distractions, internal judgments, doubts and fears for 3 days.  

Not to go on vacation, but to be able to stand in awe of the revelation of parts of yourself you didn't know existed and to be seen, heard and celebrated in the space of other women.  


When was the last time you truly felt safe to be fully you without having to play a role to make someone else happy?

What would that space and realization do to your life?  Could you imagine the depth of REAL joy you would experience and the ripple effect of that joy on the ones you love?  Are you aching to love them in a way that transforms their existence and their future?  

Are you aching to make a mark on the world and leave a legacy, but it feels like you might run out of steam before you leave so much as a fingerprint?  This weekend you will find the energy, grace, joy and ease in bringing your purpose forward with clarity and strength so that your Legacy is a sure thing with the aptitude to affect grace -filled, potent change.


It is time to rise up into the fullness of what you are here to do and be.  It is time!  

Do you know that you are here to touch the world & leave your mark?  

Do you sense a greater purpose inside, but you haven't quite put your finger on all the how's or even how big it really is?

Do you ever feel like you are spinning your wheels and not gaining enough ground for the effort you are putting in? 

Do you have unproductive thoughts that are affecting your sleep, your energy and your ability to be fully present in conversations?

Would you like to focus your energy and tap into your mission and purpose in a way that creates serious momentum and meaning?

Would you like to knowhow to live from a spirit filled and spirit powered place that creates practical, yet monumental change in your home and business?

Do you know that you have patterns that aren't working for your life, but you don't know what or how to replace them?  

Are you looking for more power, purpose and clarity in your life, in your relationships and in your business?


What you will walk away with

Walk away with:

Your Mission Blueprint mapped out so that you feel confident. 

Feeling and knowing that your life matters, your efforts are worth it and you are making a difference.

Clarity of what is truly possible in your future. 

Feeling walking into your house is truly a sense of coming home, where you get to relax and celebrate with your family. 

The keys to Mastering your Emotions and Clarifying your Mindset  in order to experience more ease, productivity and connection in your life, home and business. 

Feeling like your ideal clients are finding you with less effort than before because it s inspired effort and that they become more than clients - you feel a deep connection of friendship.  

Feeling like your choices are answering the prayers of others and that you are connected to a world that is there to support you rather than knock you down. 

Feeling like you have become the director of your destiny rather than a pawn in a toxic scheme that you want out of. 

The tools to take your next Inspired Action steps with more vibrancy and ease.

Clarity on What your yes's and your no's are and how to Honor them with grace and ease.

The embodiment of your Legacy Mission, rather than learning you will change the cells in your body to match it so that your life matches this new resonance.  YES, our body is filled with a cellular memory that either makes life filled with sabotage or miraculous flow.   You will walk away embodying the FLOW that attracts abundance and and relationships that honor your heart. Literally people, opportunities and life itself will change to match your new vibration and expression!

The Support of Your Tribe to connect to after the event - people who truly GET you at this new level of blossoming.

Support to be Your Authentic Self you have finally been seen and heard from the space of your divine creator space. 


Learn about the POWER in your past, which is the blueprint already set in motion.  This helps to see the steps and the support that has already been divinely guided so that you can feel supported and confident on  your future INTENTIONS and CREATIONS.  Create greater traction knowing you have already created the foundation for your purpose filled legacy! 

The Main Tools:

The Intuitive Body Process - Unleash trapped potential, your essence & your divine purpose

Muscle Testing - Clarity on what truly is your yes or your no. 

The Emotion Code - Release trapped patterns 

and so much more

Space is limited

The Details 

The BEGINNING :Thursday, April 30th, 2020 10am start 

The MIDDLE: Friday, May 1st

It's not the end, its where you SPRING FORTH: 

Saturday, May 2nd until 3pm 

Hyatt Lodge Oakbrook Terrace, IL 

Hotel & Food included

shared room with 1 roommate - two beds

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