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Canva ( need to use Chrome Browser) GREAT place for creating just about any image or flyer or business card or ANY online marketing piece from a Facebook add image to a Facebook timeline image they have ALL the templates and its FREE! Love once you try it you'll be hooked!

Jing. FREE screen recording for up to 5 minutes – ever wondered how people record their screen? Jing has a free version – now you can easily record your screen make a tutorial video or send instructions to your team for anything under 5 minute video it's FREE Want to host your own group calls or record your call with private clients? Create an audio recording? Try free conference call – they allow you to record and host replays not their servers for free. Users have local numbers to call in from too!

Audacity. Audio Editing

Bust a Name. Brainstorm Domain Name & Get Discount on Purchase.

Dropbox. File sharing between users, computers, etc.

Flickr: Creative Commons. Great source for images. Make sure you attribute source and link back to artist’s page!

Free Conference Pro. Bridgeline includes a control panel, recording, 24/7 access, custom recording, # of callers.

Free Another free teleconferencing service which in addition to recording calls also offers call-in capability using

Freemind. Mindmapping software.

Gmail. The BEST email for dealing with spam & deliverability. Get an account!

Google Reader. Reader for all your RSS Feed’s – beats email!

Pixlr. Online Photo Editor.

Survey Monkey. Free for up to 10 questions.

Trello. A great place to visually manage your TIME, team and priorities. I LOVE this app, it's FREE and you can use it to create boards for personal and professional lists all one place.

Wufoo.  Online form designer can help you create contact forms, online surveys and invitations so you can collect the data, registrations and payments you need.

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