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Parents of Teens


Do YOU need help in order to help THEM?

Parents of Teens

I’m here for you. For years, I’ve worked one on one with parents of teens who felt like they were struggling. Whether it be trouble with anxiety, depression, motivation, dissociation, self-confidence,
or another issue, I’ve heard it all, and I am extremely excited to broaden my services to help YOU uncover your teen’s capacities and brilliance as you aid them in functioning uniquely based on what works for them.

- Tara McCallam

Support Group Includes:

world-wide access through virtual meetings

NEW perspectives and approaches

safe and judgment free environment

explanations and solutions to your teen's behavior

supportive like-minded community

learning tinier efforts to create greater results


our official start date is Tuesday, April 4th
meetings are over Zoom
every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at 830amCST
each meeting is approximately 45 minutes long
contact me by submitting your contact info in the space at the bottom of this page


I have worked with adults and teens for years dealing with some of the most difficult issues like suicidal ideation & attempts, anxiety, motivation issues, depression, dissociation and so much more. The difference to my work is that my focus is not on the problems and fixing them, but on the person and the power within them. Results come much quicker this way and everyone involved feels seen, heard and honored.  

I would like to empower parents to be this perspective in the home. With my guidance and our mutual support, we can establish trust and really dive into what is going on in your homes so that we can create an environment together that feels more like everyone is working together rather than feeling like you are fighting for your teen or fighting with them.

More about me and my methods...

My name is Tara McCallam.  I am an Art of Being Facilitator helping teens & adults function in the world while honoring their own needs, desires and capacities. My clients often need to ACTUALLY DISCOVER their personal needs, desires and capacities in order to do so.
After a lifetime of trying to fit in and please others this can seem like the hardest thing to do.  A lifetime of this can certainly derail relationships, health and the ability to even think or plan.  This is not just true for adults, but it is prevalent in teens these days.

Submit your contact information below to join and I'll get back to you shortly!

I will contact you directly to set up payment.

Beyond This Reality LLC


International facilitator

centrally located in the

Chicagoland area

You can also check out my YouTube channel: 

The Art of Being on the link below


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