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The Difference...

I specialize in 2nd marriages or later marriages; anyone who is looking for something done different in order to create the platform for greater connection and freedom born of the love that has come between two people.   


So many marriages become lifeless or end due to unreal expectations set about from patterns we have seen or even the vows that are spoken that are so elevated that they couldn't possibly be realized.  

Together we will work together on setting creating a life filled with significance, investment and connection.  We move toward investment rather than commitment.  The very energy of commitment is one of being 'committed or imprisoned'.  Bringing this energy to a relationship that we would like to be one of our greatest investments can create lethargy or worse the need to break out and free.  

My goal is to keep the focus on establishing and investing in the relationship and marriage, more than the wedding, so that true longevity can be expanded and flourish. 

Creating the Marriage of Your Desires

About me...

done  different

It is my ultimate desire to create marriages that are satisfying, uplifting and real.  The patterns and vows that have been handed down are not working, so I am bringing very realistic paths for those who would still like to embrace marriage without the feeling of imprisonment, outdated ideas and energies.  

This will be a very collaborative creation beginning before the wedding and continuing after the wedding and into the crucial and most intimate of all the stages....the actual marriage.  

I officiate the wedding, but ultimately, I help you create the path of least resistance and greatest investment for your relationship to flourish.  

So, if you are ready to create in reality the life of your me right away! 

About Us


Wedding Officiant and Marriage Expander

The 3 stages of engagement:

1.  Pre-marriage Creation Sessions

2. The Wedding - Creating a community

3. Post Wedding Expansion Sessions

More detailed info


Including all aspects:

You, Me, We and The Greater Us

The value of investment in these 4 energies.

What else is available?

Are you currently single?

What if you are investing in yourself currently and find yourself in that beautiful space of the Me Stage and yet you would like to learn more about creating the space to attract the relationship of your desires. Don't hesitate to sign up for my online course below.

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The Power of Language

to Creating the Life of Your Design

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