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I don't know about you, but I was never quite this free.  However, I do know it exists within me and I'll be damned if I don't set her free and do all I can for my children and as many others as possible to live this VIBRANTLY & FULLY.  


Are you in?

Name, Title


Vision of this 12 Woman LEGACY Tribe:

  • To be divinely guided and to lean FULLY into that space.

  • To be a part of a TRIBE that cares deeply, shares deeply and rises together & individually.

  • To know you are loved and cared for.

  • To entrust yourself with the deepest self-care that transforms lives around you, just by you BEING.

  • To rise as the moms and leaders you have been called to be.

  • To know yourself as the one who will follow through and fully stand in the power that has been handed to you so that your children can SEE what it is like to live through their capacities with joy and ease.  They NEED an example to show them not tell them.

  • To release 7 generations of trauma & to SET FREE all the capacities and elements of being that were locked up throughout the generations - 3 generations back, you and 3 generations forward. 

  • To begin or be a part of the PARADIGM shift where the next generation is free to live freely, with their capacities and to be taught how to use them, so that they don’t have to suffer as we did and generations before us did.  

  • To KNOW how to show up for those you love, instead of falling prey to the ways you were taught you  should that are not working for anyone.  

The Details 

Why 12 months?


You will be exploring Your 4 Seasons of Creation


  • The Winter- Deep Internal Connection - The Inner Nurture - THE SELF

  • The Spring - Hidden Growth Patterns - How to Nourish Deep Roots and Push Forth into Outward Creation - THE FAMILY & TRIBE


  • The Summer - Bloom with Deep External Connections - THE COMMUNITY 

  • The Fall - Bringing it all back home - Committing to the Bigger Plan - THE INTIMATE SURRENDER 


You will create your own EVOLVING CREATION BLUEPRINT:

  •   Note your natural ways of receiving, giving, creating, revealing, connecting, and growing.

  •   Stop managing time, others and yourself and begin mastering BEING and enticing the future you are truly here to create - it       is WAY bigger than you have been asking for.

  •   Become a ‘seer’ with the ability to understand the hand of the Universe and how it is working for you in all things, all the            while working through ALL things to support those you love as well.  Even the things you deem as bad!  

  • Map out your life so far (yikes) that sounds like a lot!  But it will be fun.  This will give you the map of your ordination.  We will do it in 10 year increments! 

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