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Service Based

Professional Women


Dare your life & business to blossom into the success that reflects who you truly are!

Learn how to bend reality into your desired space of fun, freedom and abundance

without all the struggle and failure.

Let me ask you...

  • Do you find that you love your clients but you are also drained by them?

  • Do you find that networking and prospecting for future work is difficult and not as productive as you need it to be?

  • Do you find that receiving cancellations and no's, hit you hard and slow down productivity and your belief in yourself? 

  • Do you get so frustrated and distracted with all the 'right ways' to be or do business that  you feel like you are losing yourself in the process of trying so hard?

  • Are you tired of second guessing yourself? 

  • Are you tired of cookie cutter solutions that don’t work for you?

  • Are you losing sight of why you went into business for yourself?  




I got started lea

It was at a retreat away that I found my tribe, my voice and the strength to actually go after my dreams.  As I was sitting there listening to the speaker, someone tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I was willing to give them an energetic body process later.  I was stunned.  Why was she asking ME?! When there was a break she even asked what my hourly rate was and told me that she could sense from my energy how much of a benefit she would experience working with me.  

It was in that moment that the reality of how we broadcast our energy and how others receive it, hit me like a tons of bricks.  Well, really like the biggest light bulb going on.  I earned back the amount I paid for the retreat through sessions and 2 people asked for long term work! That was 8k without 

Needless to say, I ahd several other people approach me to ask if I would conduct sessions with them and I realized that I had the key to the least talked about, yet the most powerful,  business tools out there and too many people were missing them. 

What I failed to mention was my inteion before I came was to make the money back and then some for the retreat.  I also expanded my energy and asked myself to shwo up fully and to receive others fully.  and as always to ask qustions in order to stay fully in tune with my intuion and receiving.  '   Toom many people shut down the ppssibiliest before then even have a chance to show up for themwith their expectation, projectiosn and fears. 

"No one can whistle a symphony.  

It takes a whole orchestra to play."  

-HE Luccock

  • Learn how to receive a No with grace that can turn into a Yes Later.

  • Learn how to let go of toxic clients in order to create the vibration that attracts tons of your ideal clients.

  • Learn who you need in your tribe in order to have the support that you truly need.

  •  And how to identify if someone is your future  client quickly and efficiently and the way to  speak to them so they realize it without  feeling coerced.

  • Learn how to trust your emotions, intuition or instincts to optimize on your time and efforts and lead you away from time wasting endeavors.

  • Starting a group with like-hearted people can help you feel centered and connected to what matters in your life.

What you will walk away with...

Does this sound familiar: 

You wish there was an easy and natural way to sell your services without sacrificing your values or coming across as cringe worthy or pushy.

What if you could do this instead:


Make authentic and lucrative offers that motivate people to take action and invest in your services. 

I discovered THE Key that opens doors... 

Smaller rooms lead to to bigger and BIGGER stages like TedX, Fox & Microsoft.
And speaking ATTRACTS clients.

Over the past few years, I’ve had the opportunity to speak on several big stages, including Microsoft, TedX, Fox News, keynoting at Women's Conferences, Digital Marketing Conferences, Health Conferences like Mindshare, the Food Revolution Network, and so many more.

Now I’m excited to share my proven formula with you, so you can skyrocket your business to heights you never imagined were possible.


This Program Is For You If:

  • You desire to write AUTHENTIC & LUCRATIVE sales pages.

  • You want to know the words to use to describe what you do so your clients SEE the value of what you offer & you can MONETIZE your GIFTS.

  • You want to have more CONFIDENCE & EASE with writing marketing materials.

  • You know it's time to REACH more people, more quickly, with your services.

  • You want to learn how to MAGNETIZE clients so you don't have to chase them.

  • You're ready to save HOURS of your valuable time & energy.

  • You want a proven heart-based sales system to increase your INCOME & IMPACT.

  • You'd like to have more FUN with marketing & promoting yourself.

  • You're tired of trying to figure this out alone & are ready for SUPPORT & COMMUNITY.

  • You know something MORE is POSSIBLE with sales than what you've been doing.


You can't separate your life - it all flows from you: 

your business, family, relationships and self. 

Isn't it time you honored the source of your life: you?!

The many sides of Being Me.png

Can An Intuitive Retreat Really Work for YOU & Your Business…So You Stop Feeling Like You Have to Become Someone Else to Create Unbelieveable Success?

Harvard has found that the

Coaching & Self-Growth industry

is the 2nd fastest growing industry.

Which is great news because this means more people are waking up and seeking exactly the gifts you have to give.

We’re seeing stages pop up in every major industry: relationship, career, health, business. Given that 68% of speakers are men...

More than ever, women speakers are in demand and there are more and more stages available to you to speak on. And, there’s a women’s way of getting visible that doesn’t require the painful “push”.


Women like you start revolutions by simply existing

Investing in you

Pay In Full



1 payment

4 Training Modules

4 Group Coaching Calls

Private Facebook Group

"Up-level Your Sales Page Group Call" (Copy review available to first 6 women who sign up.)
(Valued @ $497)

"How to Capture Raving Reviews" Training & Template
(Valued @ $147)

2-Hour Virtual Writing Retreat 
(Valued @ $197)


YES! Sign Me Up!

Pay In Time



2 payments 30 days apart

4 Training Modules

4 Group Coaching Calls

Private Facebook Group

"Up-level Your Sales Page Group Call" (Copy review available to first 6 women who sign up.)
(Valued @ $497)

"How to Capture Raving Reviews" Training & Template
(Valued @ $147)

2-Hour Virtual Writing Retreat 
(Valued @ $197)


YES! Sign Me Up!


Vasi Benjamin

Health Coach and Mom

2018 IBP Retreat 

& Intuitive Body Process Client:

This picture (below) kept popping in my mind when I was thinking about what this retreat has been.. every energy session, tool, choice, question, interaction, hug, tear; everything you have introduced us to... has little by little cracked open a place in my mind, body + soul that has invited this lost, buried light to start shining out so bright again.. thank you   Vasi

letting your light shine Art.jpg

Danielle Kerrs 

Owner of Reverse the Kerrs Goat Yoga

2019 IBP Retreat 

& Intuitive Body Process Client:

After experiencing a great trauma within our family, my life seemed to take on new meaning and new direction.  Sometimes it felt like things were getting worse, but at other times I would see the purpose behind the challenges and downturns.  Enter Tara.  I met Tara "by chance" at a health and wellness event.  She introduced me to The Intuitive Body Process, and I was forever changed. 


Since that chance meeting, I have worked with Tara to seek the truth behind my circumstances and my experiences.  I was able to grow my business and tap into the deepest parts of my existence to help drive me toward growth and purpose. 


I attended a weekend retreat with Tara and a small group of women that has gifted me with a way of tapping into my power and strength to help me manage my thoughts, my business, and my overall mental health and well being.  Everyday, I apply the techniques and tools gifted to me through Tara.  The awesome part about it is that these tools were always mine, they always existed within me, but without Tara, I don't know that I would have found them.    

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