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Emerge into a

Full-Color Life

with Tara McCallam

Emerge into a Full-color Life



I help men, women and kids who feel like they have lived their lives for everyone else, providing, guiding and achieving and yet feel like they are drained and colorless because they have not connected to their own vibrancy and life force. I show them that living from their center does not detract from their families, it actually adds to it and gives everyone more. Most of them are struggling in their relationships in one capacity or another or feeling like they don't matter except for the usefulness.   I get the pleasure of showing them that when they choose themselves, they don't have to do it to the detriment of others, they get to overflow and have an EVEN MORE connected life in their family, friendships and business!

Meet Tara

I was invited to move from a colorless, grey life filled with goals that weren't mine and left me feeling lost and trapped.  The way the invitation showed up wasn't so fun.  

In 2006 I nearly died...

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