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Heart Centered Healers

Ready to Set the World On Fire

Are you here to create a meaningful impact through your business and your life?

Are you ready to harness the power of your infinite being to help others to be set free from their traumas, pains and limitations? 

Let me ask you...

  • Do you wake up drained and wish that you had more energy for your business and family?

  • Do you feel like you are going in so many directions that you don't feel clear on your goals anymore?

  • Do you find that certain people affect your emotions and energy and leave a lingering impact on your life?

  • Do you find that you don't trust your gut instinct enough and you tend to ask others for their opinions before you give your answer?

  • Do you get so frustrated and distracted with trying do everything the 'right way' from parenting, to business and even just plain living? 

  • Are you tired of second guessing yourself? 

  • Are you tired of cookie cutter solutions that don’t work for you?

  • Are you waking up each day, constantly busy fulfilling the list of responsibilities but you know you are here for something so much greater, but you don't have the time to really uncover what it all is?  You have your business, your family and it is so much, but you know there is SO MUCH MORE you are here for?  




"No one can whistle a symphony.  

It takes a whole orchestra to play."  

-HE Luccock

Does this sound familiar: 

I am filled with so many ideas, dreams and what I want to create, but in the end I just get up and my day is filled with routine responsibilities.  I don't know how to move forward on the things that I dream about and I am afraid I am running out of time.

What if you could do this instead:


I am absolutely sure about the impact I want to make through my business, I have clear steps forward to manifest them while knowing I am someone my family can be proud of.  

My darling, those dreams and longings are not silly fantasies.  


They are whispers from the Divine letting you know your direction of creation, receiving and miracles.


 Isn't it time to heed the directions of your path?!

Hi! I’m

Tara McCallam

I had everything I wanted or so I kept telling myself, a great job that I was working towards the next promotion in, a large home, a loving husband and a baby on the way.  


I was a master at being grateful, but underneath it all I was lying to myself and distracting myself from what I really needed.  I wasn’t unhappy, but I wasn’t happy either. I was numb, distracted and on a path of internal destruction. But it wasn’t until I nearly died in the hospital from the rare HELLP syndrome that I realized how my body was willing to die to stop living the lack of aliveness and purpose that I was choosing.  


This was 14 years ago and the beginning of a string of miracles that became my life.  Now, I have the honor of using so many of the gifts I was hiding from myself to connect people with their purpose, vitality and the miracles that can happen in their body, business and relationships that truly bring overflowing delight & abundance  to each day. We really are built for a miraculous life, not one of drudgery and trying to live up to the status quo!! 

This Program Is For You If:

  • You desire to gain CLARITY on your gifts and capacities and YES - superpowers!

  • You want to know HOW TO USE these gifts and capacities to AFFECT your business, its bottom line and its visibility and impact.

  • You want to have more CONFIDENCE & EASE sharing your purpose with the world.

  • You know it's time to REACH more people, more quickly, with your services.

  • You want to learn how to MAGNETIZE your ideal clients so you don't have to chase them.

  • You're ready to save HOURS of your valuable time & energy.

  • You want a heart-based system to increase your IMPACT.

  • You'd like to have more FUN with in your business and home.

  • You're tired of trying to figure this out alone & are ready for the SUPPORT & COMMUNITY of a like hearted tribe.

  • You know something MORE is POSSIBLE with your business and your life than what you've been doing.

Program Dates: March 23rd - April 22nd

In this 30-Day Online Training Program you'll learn how to:

  • CLARIFY: Develop Your Heart-Based Foundation So You Know Exactly WHO You're Writing Your Sales Page For

  • MONETIZE: Capture Your Sizzlin' Hot Offer In Words That Convey The VALUE Of Your Programs & Services

  • MAGNETIZE: Create A Captivating Personal Story That Inspires Trust & Conveys Authority

  • ATTRACT: Ignite Action In Your Potential Clients So They Are More Likely To Sign Up NOW

You can use what you get in this program over & over again so every time you create a sales page you’ll save time & inspire more clients to say YES to working with you.

What's Included In The 30 Day Online Program

This program is broken down into 4 core training modules. Each module is accompanied by handouts, templates, checklists, PLUS a LIVE Group Coaching Call.


  • Learn secrets that uncover the psychology of sales & why "heart-based" sales pages are more magnetic & money-making.

  • Discover the 4 questions your copy must answer for your potential clients to say YES to working with you.

  • Clarify who you're writing your sales page to. This ESSENTIAL step will skyrocket your sales.


  • Discover the 5 criteria that ensure a sizzling hot offer.

  • Learn the difference between features & benefits of your offer & why you need both.

  • Use the "Words That Pay" Template to know exactly what words to use so potential clients see the value of your offer.


  • Craft a personal story that builds trust with your ideal clients so they can’t wait to work with you.

  • Identify – & clear – the biggest block that’s been holding you back from showcasing your talents.

  • Write your story easily with the Shero's Journey Story Template, Bodacious Bio Checklist & Example Bios & Shero Journey Stories.


  • Discover how to address potential clients' concerns so you get more YESES.

  • Learn how to “heat up” your copy so your ideal clients are inspired to act now.

  • Tap into the feminine art of magnetism & the mindset required to attract more clients.

Women like you start revolutions by simply existing

Bonus 1

Bonus 2 

Investing in you

Pay In Full



1 payment

4 Training Modules

4 Group Coaching Calls

Private Facebook Group

"Up-level Your Sales Page Group Call" (Copy review available to first 6 women who sign up.)
(Valued @ $497)

"How to Capture Raving Reviews" Training & Template
(Valued @ $147)

2-Hour Virtual Writing Retreat 
(Valued @ $197)


YES! Sign Me Up!

Pay In Time



2 payments 30 days apart

4 Training Modules

4 Group Coaching Calls

Private Facebook Group

"Up-level Your Sales Page Group Call" (Copy review available to first 6 women who sign up.)
(Valued @ $497)

"How to Capture Raving Reviews" Training & Template
(Valued @ $147)

2-Hour Virtual Writing Retreat 
(Valued @ $197)


YES! Sign Me Up!


Vasi Benjamin

Health Coach and Mom

2018 IBP Retreat 

& Intuitive Body Process Client:

This picture (below) kept popping in my mind when I was thinking about what this retreat has been.. every energy session, tool, choice, question, interaction, hug, tear; everything you have introduced us to... has little by little cracked open a place in my mind, body + soul that has invited this lost, buried light to start shining out so bright again.. thank you   Vasi

letting your light shine Art.jpg

Danielle Kerrs 

Owner of Reverse the Kerrs Goat Yoga

2019 IBP Retreat 

& Intuitive Body Process Client:

After experiencing a great trauma within our family, my life seemed to take on new meaning and new direction.  Sometimes it felt like things were getting worse, but at other times I would see the purpose behind the challenges and downturns.  Enter Tara.  I met Tara "by chance" at a health and wellness event.  She introduced me to The Intuitive Body Process, and I was forever changed. 


Since that chance meeting, I have worked with Tara to seek the truth behind my circumstances and my experiences.  I was able to grow my business and tap into the deepest parts of my existence to help drive me toward growth and purpose. 


I attended a weekend retreat with Tara and a small group of women that has gifted me with a way of tapping into my power and strength to help me manage my thoughts, my business, and my overall mental health and well being.  Everyday, I apply the techniques and tools gifted to me through Tara.  The awesome part about it is that these tools were always mine, they always existed within me, but without Tara, I don't know that I would have found them.    

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