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Uncovering You!

Online class coming soon! 


This class has happened, but you can purchase the recording!!!! How does it get any better than that?!


You know the powerful tool:  'Ask and You Shall Receive'?!?!?  Well, what happens when you have the point of view that what you are asking for is impossible?  What if you co-mingle the ask with the impossibility of it and stop the universe acting on your behalf because you said, essentially, 'Don't bother, this is impossible.'

I just ran across a journal from 2 years ago, where I wrote a list of 43 items that I titled: Things I feel are impossible right now and proceeded to list things from owning my own business, to having a gorgeous, supportive and loving man in my life, to  energies like being happy and not stressed.  There were 43 items and 36 of them are fully in my life now, 3 are not and I am glad they are not and 4 are still on their way.  

The magic is the energy of the ask after the list.  Would you like to join me for a fun filled 45 minutes of chatting, writing, asking questions and filling the room with tons of asks that are impossible?!?  What would your life be like if you constantly received what you once that was impossible?  Would that change the way you create, be, see, and live?  Would that change the world around you?  If you already dabble in the impossible, would you like to turn it up to impossible dimensions?!

$44 investment in creating in the world of impossible asks. I wonder what will be created in your world now!

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