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I am so glad you have arrived!

Have you been searching for a way to have a greater heart centered and healing impact with your clients, while also building a fruitful business with more ease?  

If so, you have found the right place!

Let me introduce you to:

The Intuitive Body Process Certification 

What if our body hides all the treasures and answers within it?!

What if it is considered the unconscious space because we don't understand its language fully yet, and when tapped into and understood, it could unleash untold possibilities, power and capacities for healing, joy and abundance. 

The goal is to move past the state of self-sabotage.  Destructive patterns are naturally released when the client is guided to tap into their inner authority and natural creative essence.  This creates the space for true connection, wholeness and productivity,  revealing their  natural state of vibrancy, wellness and ease.  The bonus afterglow is the way the world around your client, effortlessly shows up for them, interacts with them and manifests before them.  


As a practitioner: 

You will experience the power within this modality and combine it with the intuition and awareness you have to bring your clients.  You will become a vessel for them to know themselves at a deeper level, to celebrate and embrace their natural gifts and to melt the ways they were taught to shrink, judge or manipulate themselves in order to be accepted.   You will be able to help them release blocks, tension, limitations and patterns of sabotage.  


Not only that, you become the invitation and a greater impact in the world.   Inviting in greater connection, ease, and abundance to your clients as they explore the depths of what is possible and lose the constrictions of conclusion that have been weighing on them so heavily.   The amazing bonus is that you will open yourself up to even more of your own greatness, ease, and vitality too!

Practitioners have already added this modality to their thriving practices in areas such as: Chronic Back Pain Massage, Holistic Nutrition Coaching, Traditional Massage, Sleep Deprivation,  Goat Yoga for Mental Wellness and more.  Others have chosen to take change their lives and businesses by exclusively offering the Remote Intuitive Body Process online and thereby opening up the entire world as their client base.   

Chances are if you are reading this:

  • Since the Quarantine you are losing a lot of your clients because you can no longer do in person sessions, yet they need you more than ever right now. 

  • You are scrambling to find ways to bring money into your home while still honoring your passion and calling.

  • You are exhausted by your work and the sense you are being DRAINED is making you wonder how long you are going to be able to show up in this way before it has a dramatic impact on your family life, health or emotional well being.  

  • Your clients keep needing to clear the same limitations, stress, blocks, heaviness etc and you know more is possible for them.

  • You are feeling a DEEP LONGING to have an even bigger impact on the world, now more than ever! 

Let your clients meet with you from the comfort of their home

Would you rather experience...

  • The ABILITY TO STILL SHOW UP for your clients during a pandemic and help them back to ease, joy and healing.  

  • More income rolling in while in the SAFETY of your own home.

  • Greater access to UNLIMITED CLIENT POTENTIAL from all over the world.

  • Ending each day of work ENERGIZED and able to still HAVE FUN with your family and by yourself.

  • The fulfillment of having clients who are constantly having MOMENTOUS RESULTS and sharing them with others!

  • QUALITY REFERRALS that are coming in consistently.

  • Feeling the sense that you are finally able to have the WIDESPREAD IMPACT you have been wanting for so long!




Hi! I’m

Tara McCallam

For as long as I can remember, I have been a seeker...and a secret rebel.  Although, for the longest time, I didn't call my rebel personality that; I called it difficult and resistant.  It was the part of me that would go two feet in and then fight to get back out.  It was the part that wouldn't settle in and be content, the part that always asked for MORE...more personalized, more powerful, more honoring, more of me and more for my clients.  

Even in my seeking to be of service in the healing arts, my rebel streak has reared its head.  

The Intuitive Body Process (IBP) is something I developed because I couldn't stay married or in the confines of the other modalities as  each of them felt like they were either putting too much emphasis on the practitioner (thereby creating a unhealthy dependency in the client) or they focused on limitations not revealing the power in the mysteries hidden inside each client.  I wanted more of me showing up with my clients.  I wanted more for them too and I wanted to to unlock the power I knew was there in both of us.   I found value in all of those modalities that I studied, used and facilitated, but I wanted more and different.  That is where the IBP was born.  

It was birthed from a space of love and desire.  It was in the seeking of the treasure within me and my clients that I realized things could change faster with a different approach.  It was also about honoring the practitioner and teaching them in a fashion that truly tapped into their intuition, their ability to truly connect and be a conduit of energy and guidance from the client and the Universe and to melt all resistances in the wake of the spectacular.    I wanted to turn UP the power in each practitioner and to show them how using the Power of 3 within the IBP could change everything! 

It has been my honor to teach this, to facilitate it and to experience it with hundreds of people and to watch the transformations that are beyond my comprehension appear in so many lives.  

Is it your time to tap into something that honors your knowings, gifts and focuses on unfolding a client into their gifts and blossoming rather than deeper into the trenches of limitations, struggles and doubts?  

Are you here to have a greater impact? The Intuitive Body Process will be a priceless tool to aid you! 

xoxox - Tara

What's Included In The 30 Day Online Program

This program is broken down into 6 core training modules. Each module is accompanied by handouts, templates, checklists, PLUS 4 LIVE Group Coaching Calls.

Module 1:  The Remote Intuitive Body Process

  • Learn how to facilitate the RIBP and experience the power in receiving

  • Learn the Power of 3 that ensures that you won't be drained at the end of your sessions and you will be energized

Module 2:  The 

Module 2:  The 

What's Included In the 4 week Certification

This program is broken down into 4 training calls.

Each training is a video group call with manual guide pages.  You will also be paired up with another member to practice giving and receiving the Remote Intuitive Body Process. 

Image by Aaron Burden

Week 1:  The Remote Intuitive Body Process (RIBP) Tuesday, Sept 8, 2020  2-4pm CST

  • EXPERIENCE HOW TO FACILITATE The Remote Intuitive Body Process (RIBP) 

  • Diagram the Internal Treasure System, The Internal Limitation System and the Key to Blossoming

  • Discover the key to turning up your Intuition and having ease with trusting it

Image by Akira Hojo

Week 2:  The Remote Intuitive Body Process (RIBP) Tuesday, Sept 15, 2020  2-4pm CST

  • Experience the Role of Hands in the RIBP

  • Learn The Power of 3 and ensure that you LOSE THE DRAINED feeling at the end of your sessions and you will be energized.

  • Experience and practice gifting and receiving the RIBP as well as receiving feedback so that you are ready to OFFER IT TO CLIENTS after the 4 weeks. 

Image by Seb Reivers

Week 3:  The Remote Intuitive Body Process (RIBP) Tuesday, Sept 22, 2020  2-4pm CST

  • Discover the Power of Expansive Questions vs Conclusive Questions

  • Pre-Session Discovery Call Template, Pre-Session Questionnaire Template and guidance on how to utilize those within a session

  • Experience and practice gifting and receiving the RIBP as well as receiving feedback so that you are ready to OFFER IT TO CLIENTS after the 4 weeks. 

Dandelion Leaves

Week 4:  Explore the Expansive Way Forward

Tuesday, Sept 29, 2020  2-4pm CST

  • The Key to Feedback Forms and Follow Up

  • Learn how to release anything you have absorbed from  your clients including the responsibility for change.

  • Become the invitation to empowerment and dynamic change with less trying and more ease than should be possible! 

Women like you start revolutions by simply existing!!

Bonus 1

FAST ACTION BONUS for the first 4 people to pay in full for the certification you will receive a:

30 minute session: Private Remote Intuitive Body Process with Tara 

Value $100


Bonus 2


Business Integration Call

The Way Forward - How to integrate the Remote IBP in your current business for meaningful results or how to begin a healing practice with ease and speed.

Beyond generalized packages: How to take direction from the client for future sessions and create packages that the clients sell themselves  Client Centered Packages

1.5 hour call on Tuesday, Oct 6 2020

Value $300

Investing in you

Pay In Full

4 week program


Save $78

  • 1  payment

  • 4 Training Modules over 4 weeks

  • 4 x 2 hourGroup Coaching Calls per month

  • Practice Buddy Sessions each week

  • Private Facebook Group

BONUS 1: to the first 4 people to sign up and pay in full
30 min private IBP with Tara

(Valued at $100)

BONUS 2:  

The Remote Intuitive Body Process Practitioners ​Private FB Group

(Valued @$1000)


Business Integration Call

details above 

(Valued @$300)


YES! Sign Me Up!

Pay In Time

4 week program


$225 x 3 weekly 


  • 3 weekly payments 

  • 4 Training Modules over 4 weeks

  • 4 x 2 hourGroup Coaching Calls per month

  • Practice Buddy Sessions each week

  • Private Facebook Group


The Remote Intuitive Body Process Practitioners ​Private FB Group

(Valued @$1000)


Business Integration Call

details above 

(Valued @$300)

YES! Sign Me Up!


Q:  When are the training calls?

A:  Tuesdays from 2-4pm CST 

Q: How many training calls per month?

A: There are 4 training calls.  1 per week for 2 hours each.

Q:  Is there homeplay (fun homework)?

A:  Yes,  there will be assigned practice buddies to do calls with each week for 2 hours each week.   

Q:  Can I use the Intuitive Body Process in my practice and charge for it after the 4 weeks?

A:  Yes - if you attend the 4 training classes and perform and receive all 4 Remote IBP exchanges you will be certified and can begin offering and charging for the Remote IBP after the 4 weeks! 


Vasi Benjamin

Health Coach and Mom

2018 IBP Retreat, 

 Intuitive Body Process Client & certified IBP practitioner :

This picture (below) kept popping in my mind when I was thinking about what the Intuitive Body Process retreat has been.. every energy session, tool, choice, question, interaction, hug, tear; everything you have introduced us to... has little by little cracked open a place in my mind, body + soul that

 has invited this lost, buried light to start shining so bright again! 

thank you,   Vasi

letting your light shine Art.jpg
Amanda picture .jpg

Amanda Olejarz

Holistic Practitioner

2020 Remote IBP Certification, Intuitive Body Process Client & certified IBP practitioner :

The Intuitive Body Process with Tara is incredible!

I noticed dramatic improvements in my physical body after our first session. 

My lower back has been "going out" on me at least once a year since 2001. In 2009 I was diagnosed with Lordosis (in the scoliosis family) and degenerative discs in my lumbar region. 

It has been about 3 weeks since my first IBP with Tara. My low back has felt the greatest it has since I can remember. My car is comfortable when I sit in it now, sitting in a chair or standing for prolonged periods of time are no longer troublesome.   Which is life changing for me! 

I truly feel that my Lordosis is gone because I gained a couple inches of height that I have lost over the years. 

I am just past 34 years of age and finally do not feel like I need to have the habits of a 70 year old just to make it through each day. I keep the good habits because they are beneficial for my physical body however nothing compares to the real changes

I have felt with Tara and the IBP.

Because this process was completely life changing for me and I believe it can help so many more, I have enrolled in her Remote Intuitive Body Process Certification class. I highly recommend this modality! 

Thank you for your everything Tara. I appreciate and love you so much.


Danielle Kerr 

Owner of Reverse the Kerrs Goat Yoga

2019 IBP Retreat,

 Intuitive Body Process Client & certified IBP practitioner :

After experiencing a great trauma within our family, my life seemed like things were just getting worse.


Enter Tara.  I met Tara "by chance" at a health and wellness event. 

She introduced me to The Intuitive Body Process, and I was forever changed. 


Since that chance meeting, I have worked with Tara to seek the truth behind my circumstances and my experiences.  I was able to grow my business because I was able to tap into the deepest parts of my existence and my purpose. 


I also attended a weekend retreat with Tara where I found a way of tapping into my power and strength to help me manage my thoughts, my business, and my overall mental health and well being. 


Everyday, I apply the techniques and tools of the Intuitive Body Process.  The awesome part about it is that it helps me to find the amazing aspects that have always existed within me, but without Tara, I don't know that I would have found them.    

Now as a certified practitioner I am adding the Intuitive Body Process to my list of services that I offer my clients.  This will be a game changer for my business. 

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