About Tara 

My Story

They say that pictures say a thousand words...

When I look back at pictures from years ago, I know that hidden behind the smile was the thoughts and emotions of someone who felt trapped and useless.  I tried all the positive thoughts and read all the self-help books and sought all the help of those who seemed to have the answers from counselors, to energy healers, to coaches. Their answers may have worked for others, but for me they focused on the problems, solving them and validating the pain of them, which never created a different life.  


I wanted my life to be different.  I NEEDED to feel different.  I need more than healing, fixing and validation.   Each time I felt like any heaviness that was removed, just found a way to flood back in moments after I left their place and somehow it felt even heavier when it returned.


The photos above are ones where the smile reaches through every cell of my body and expands into the space around my life.  I found a way to have a different life and to truly feel FULL to overflowing with delight.

The difference is simple, but profound.  


I unearthed the parts of me that got locked away from trauma, trying to fit in, trying not to be judged, etc. Letting all the parts of me out of the protective boxes and relearning how to walk in the fullness of me created monumental change in my life, body and relationships.  Now I overflow from a source that has no limits.  

Beyond this, I developed a life changing method that I have brought to clients and now teach as The World Muse Certification.  I can't keep this to myself! 

What else is possible?