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Something deep within is calling to you.



It is calling you to to set it free!

YOU are part of what will shift the world.

Creating a full life of meaning.

Let YOUR MUSE light the way!


Put your hands on your heart and feel these words:

This is for those who are REALLY ready. It is for those whose spirits are yearning to step fearlessly into their soul calling, and don’t want to waste another day. 


This is for the way-showers, the star-walkers, the future ancestors, the medicine clan. 

This is for those who are ready to stop fixing what is wrong and start uncovering what is right in each person's life so that it can be used to create greater.  For those who are done merely coping and are ready to create!

YOU are the one who is ready to apply the heat of your passion to BE YOUR REAL SELF as the powerful wave of transformation for the world.  

If you are a practitioner, this is for you so you can show your clients who are suffering how to ACTUALIZE their longings, visions and life experience!

This is also for you if you are a practitioner and you want to show others how they can stop feeling empty and locked up and finally be whole and free.  


There is programming all around us and throughout our lives that forces us to silence our inner Muse and the life giving guidance she has for us.    This erodes our self confidence, our clarity and ability to create a life that is truly nurturing, successful and creates peace.  We are fooled into being strong to the point of breaking instead of being naturally powerful and truly magical.   Inevitably what happens is life breaks in all areas from the body, mind, emotions, relationships and finances until we cannot go on anymore from this prescribed place of toxic independence and we either surrender to the support and direction of our Muse or we give up and crumble under a pressure that is too enormous to bear.


It really is possible to live a life that is as enormously light and blessed as it was heavy.  It is possible to learn how to hear the guidance of YOUR OWN MUSE.  It is possible to have a life that is even GREATER than you could imagine and feels even richer AND to have those around you supporting and celebrating the blessings with you.  It is possible to have a more expansive, nurturing, successful life without all the strain, pain and trying that is slowly killing you and everything you love.  

It just takes tuning into YOUR Muse who will be the GPS steering you away from unnecessary problems and towards destinations you desire and ones that are even greater.  She will make the journey one that is alive with music, fun and celebration. 

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Glowing golden sparkles and stars rising

There is a magic that lies within you.

It is held within, protected within a treasure chest, waiting to be unearthed and set free. 

Without this magical MUSE within, it is hard to function, move, feel like yourself.  

It served you for a time to hide those parts of yourself away, but over time it is creating damage that is multiplying in time. 

It is time to be whole.  It is time to LOVE YOUR LIFE with all of who you are.  

It is time to reveal all you are to yourself and lead others to the MUSE within as well!  

Foggy Mountains


Founder of 

The Muse Method and 

The World Muse Certification

The Muse was Born of Trauma


As a child as my grandfathers passed away, they communicated with me.

As a teen I experienced thought transference and reading the thoughts of others. 

I felt emotions and thoughts that most people didn’t want to know themselves, let alone anyone else. 


I was afraid of how I felt, what information came to me and what I knew.  It felt invasive and wrong.  I had no idea that what was showing up in my child-mind were abilities and gifts.  I didn’t know I was a seer, hearer, empath, way-shower, that I had telepathic abilities as well as thought transference ones.  Even if I would have known, I would have asked for it all to be taken away.  It all felt soooo wrong and uncomfortable. 


My childhood was fraught with emotional, physical and mental abuse.  


At 15 I moved out.  16 I was emancipated. 


A Mild Mannered People Pleaser


I went to counselors for the level of trauma in my life from the age of 4.  They validated my pain.  They listened. They were kind and felt bad for me.  At no point did they ever tell me how to change my experience.  They told me how to cope with it, but not how to create a different one. 


I wanted to belong, be safe and to know the rules so I could be considered good. So, I didn’t just go to church, I immersed myself.  


I was a mild mannered people pleaser.  But somewhere deep in me was a voice that wouldn’t be filtered or softened.  I hated that voice.  It would show up through me at times that were most inopportune.  


I joined many groups after this, to learn, become and belong.  Group after group was amazing and filled with gorgeous people and wonderful teachings, but each time the voice inside would pipe up and say, “But there is something more.  This is not it, you must be the difference.   It is here that you must go, even if it is alone.”


I Gave Up and Started to LISTEN


I was willing to listen to the parts of me that were judged. I silenced them for a while, a good decade.  I lived a normal life, I didn’t hear things or feel things - I was numb, the good robotic wife, mother and worker and content, or so I thought.  My life and body gave me a few wake up calls - I nearly died, my marriage blew up and my career was on the line.


The how was not mapped out, as I asked it to be.  It was like a scavenger hunt that gave me one clue at a time.  Funny how the Universe wants to bring us to a playful state of being all the time.  




So, the Muse Method was born out of struggle, pain, desire and mainly a willingness to follow that voice within despite myself, yet totally in honor of my WHOLE self.  It was born out of a desire to use all the information I constantly receive from others and help them to feel their power to create, not just in the etheric world, but right here on earth, in the physical.  


It is when I am in the space of these sessions that I feel most at home.  It is when I become a vessel to hear and see that which has been buried.  I can give it a voice and form, so that finally the client can know themselves and their way forward and unlock the miracle of HOW to create in a way that is truly magical, divinely personal, and beyond logic.  


HOW Muse Method is Born


But I bet you’re wondering, HOW exactly did this technique manifest itself?  


It was the willingness to ask a client in my chair if I could try something different.  At the time, I was doing in person sessions and everything inside of me was screaming, “move your hands to where you sense they are aching inside, listen, ask questions”….questions to find out what that voice inside them was saying.  


I could see that each client that I ‘cleared’ with other methods came back with more of the same that needed clearing and their focus was always their problems, when inside something was calling out to be unearthed, revealed, relished and embraced.  I knew I could hear that part calling out, so when I asked my client if I could tap into that place in them that wanted to be revealed, they were all too ready and trusting in me. I realized that the Muse is a concept. An archetype. A personal path.


So, I kept asking more and more clients if they would allow me to try follow this awareness.   The results were astonishing.  They glowed.  Pains that had been in their bodies for months if not years, moved.  Businesses began to flourish, relationships transformed and my clients began to talk about celebrations and miracles.  How could I not continue to do this technique that called to me from each person’s body and asked me to facilitate it?  


Don’t get me wrong, my clients still bring me problems and struggles, but they know that we will look for how to change their experience and to pull the power, wisdom and miracles out of them in order to do it.  Why?  Because their own path is more powerful than learning mine or anyone else’s.  Revealing their abilities and capacities to thrive in life while giving them the freedom and permission to use them is life-changing.  


It Continues to Grow and Change


I had a client one day ask if I could do this remotely.  It was back in 2019.  


I hadn’t done it, but I was willing to try.  I knew that I could read people without being in person, but my worry was that they wouldn’t experience the powerful transformation remotely.  


I was so wrong.  


In that session I realized how empowering it is to guide the client to use their own hands on their body, while I listened and directed energy.  It allowed them to know that they house within them the power to connect, embrace and invite themselves into their fullness, so that they could facilitate themselves in between their powerful sessions.  It was a blessing to be able to know this and be moving towards this prior to the lockdown and pandemic of 2020.  This allowed me to support clients across the United States, Canada, England and the Philippines in times that could have been more difficult if they weren’t tapped into their Muse and their power!  


Are YOU Called to Unlock Your Clients’ Glory?


The World Muse Certification came out of my infinite knowing that I, alone, am not enough and that as the body of the Universe, we are to come together to share and invite others to their greatness.  


It is the knowing that my family is of spirit blood and that more and more continue to emerge onto the scene to usher the world into a space of fullness, connection and pure, miraculous creation.  

Mine Worldwide Metaphysical Tribe 2021_Docha Photography-127_websize.jpg

Are you being called to be the next World Muse Practitioner?


Danielle Kerr, Client and Retreat Attendee

Reverse The Kerrs Farm and Goat Yoga Chicago

I just describe Tara to everyone I can as a spirit and soul amplifier!!!  Everyone needs her in their life!  


I attended the most amazing retreat with Tara and 7 other wonderful women. It was an incredible life changing experience that has since altered the trajectory of my life and my entire being. Tara has an incredible energy that has a profound effect on her clients. Tara's process is anything but cookie cutter. She tailors her approach and methods to perfectly match up with the needs of your body and higher self. She is completely in tune with her energy and the energy of others. I would very highly recommend any experience, one-on-one work, and/or product that Tara has to offer. She is a beautiful source of nature and light, and she is extremely passionate about sharing it with the world.  -Danielle 


Kaitlin Kristine, Client 
Psychic at

Seeing Tara was like getting hit with a truth bomb of change, that has so far lead me towards being a happier version of myself.

Tara gave me life-changing advice, because it has freed me up big time. She also said how I'm supposed to use comedy extensively in my work, etc. This and many other things, she knew immediately without really even knowing me.

I'm so grateful for the recording of the reading, because I'll be listening to it again. Seeing Tara was like getting hit with a truth bomb of change, that has so far lead me towards being a happier version of myself.  -Kaitlin

Lynda Hamilton.jpg

Lynda Hamilton, Client 
Mom, Entrepreneur & Hemp Educator

Tara has become like a second mom to my daughter-

Tara has become like a second mom to my daughter-the mom who always knows exactly what to say! Some moms would be intimidated by this but the way I see it I don't always know what to say she's like my parenting partner in crime. Thank you so much Tara for investing in my daughter and truly knowing what she's going through- the strides she has made are amazing! Thank you, thank you

When I needed help I tried to go to someone else for guidance so that my daughters could just have Tara, but I soon realized that I needed her too.  i am so glad I chose to go to her myself. She really does have a unique way that really helps.  


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